Venues & Dates 2009

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Venues and dates of Track Days we will be attending will be announced here as we know them. Potential buyers can experience the Javan R1 as a passenger on "hot laps". However, you will need to register your intention to attend any venue in advance.

Tour Information

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The Javan R1 is the sports car developed with the track in mind. Designed and built to deliver total driver satisfaction and maximum exhilaration.

In 2009, we’ll be embarking on a track day tour of some of the most exciting race tracks, giving you the chance to experience the R1 at first hand. The Born for the Track Tour provides the opportunity to experience the sensual delights that only a two-seater speedster can deliver. From the visual beauty of the design to the aural excitement of the engine and that’s before you’ve even driven it.

This unique opportunity hot laps and a chance to meet the Javan development team. To register your interest in the tour, please complete our online form. We’ll then be in touch by email when further news is announced.